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Waka Smash Disposable Vape Devices by RELX, provide up to 6000 puffs of tasty vapour with a draw activated atomizer that uses 12mL of prefilled e-liquid with 3%(30mg/mL) of nic salts and a rechargeable 500mAh battery (USB-C).


Puff Count:Up to 6000
Atomizer: MESH
Nicotine: 0%, 1.55%, 3%, 5%
Capacity: 12ml
Battery: 500mAh
Power: 10~11W

Everything you need to know about WAKA Smash

Perfect Disposable Vape for Your Pocket and Your Hand

– Our smallest disposableat 6000 puffs, boldly-colored curves, and flowing corners look good and fit easily in your pocket and your hand.

Smash Your Expectation for Freshness and Richness

– Pioneering?9-layer FlavorLock?tech ensures the freshness from the 1st to the 6000th puffs, and no burnt taste will be allowed.

– Our innovative?MESH Coil 2.0?maximizes the richness in every puff.

We Test, Re-Test and Test Again for You

-Empowered by?RELX??s advanced 4-gate safety control system, you can put your trust in WAKA:

  1. ?23 standard battery tests
  2. 15 quality E-liquid tests
  3. ?AFNOR standard emission test
  4. ?CE-qualified
Up to 6000 Real Puffs

– A single SMASH gets you through the week with 6000 real puffs. The12ml e-liquid capacityandsuper-fast-charge battery(80% charge in 35min) of SMASH guarantee you the real 6000 puffs.

WAKA Smash Specifications
  • Atomizer – Mesh
  • Nicotine – 2%
  • Capacity – 12ml
  • Battery – 500mAh pure cobalt
  • Power – 10~11W
What sets the WAKA Smash 9-layer FlavorLock technoloy apart?

Our pioneering new 9-structural layer technology seals the device firmly to preserve the freshness of the rich flavor, providing a more consistent vaping experience from beginning to end.

How does 2nd generation MESH improve on the 1st generation?

We further adjusted the match of the MESH coil design and cotton porosity for our 2nd-generation MESH, enhancing the vaporizing performance for richer taste, and making sure even less of the e-liquid goes to waste.


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Maybe You Want To Know

Are you the official IGET?

Yes, we are IGET manufacturer and sell our brand directly online.

What is IGET Vape?

IGET is a popular brand in the disposable vape market, known for its innovative and long-lasting devices. It has quickly gained recognition as the latest sensation in Australia's disposable vape industry. The brand focuses on providing users with an exceptional vaping experience through cutting-edge technology and high-quality vape devices. IGET's disposable vapes have gained a reputation for their longevity, as they offer some of the longest-lasting performance compared to other alternatives in the market.

How many cigarettes is equal to an IGET?

Typically, 10 puffs equal one cigarette.

  • IGET King is equivalent to 260 cigarettes
  • IGET Hot is equivalent to 550 cigarettes
  • IGET Bar Plus is equivalent to 600 cigarettes
  • Iget Mega is equivalent to 300 cigarettes
  • Iget Bar is equivalent to 350 cigarettes
  • Iget Legend is equivalent to 400 cigarettes
  • Iget Goat is equivalent to 500 cigarettes
  • Iget B5000 is equivalent to 500 cigarettes
How do I know my iget vape is empty?

1. Look for the small light on the top of the device which signals that it’s time to refill.

2. If that light is blinking slowly or not at all, it means the battery is low and it’s time to recharge.

Secondly, if you have been vaping for a while and there is hardly any liquid left in the tank, then you know your IGET vape is about to run out of juice. Finally, if you can’t turn the device on at all – even after pressing the power button multiple times – then there’s a good chance that your battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

How long do i charge IGET bar plus for?

It takes about 30-60 minutes to fully charge

What Is IGET' Vape Ingredients?

IGET Vape is a disposable vape using high-quality e-liquid made from a variety of flavors and ingredients. These flavors are made from natural and artificial flavors, nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and concentrated flavors. IGET disposable vape is available in 2.4ml and 14ml e-cigarette oil bottles. So it can meet any of your needs.

How can I tell if IGET Vape is real or fake?

If you want to buy an IGET Vape, it is important to know how to tell if the device is real or fake. There are several ways to determine the authenticity of an IGET Vape.

1. Check the serial number. If the serial number does not match the number listed on the website, then the device is likely counterfeit.

2. is to check for manufacturing defects. If there are any major manufacturing defects on the device, then it is most likely a fake device.

3. is by checking the customer reviews online. If many people are saying that the device doesn’t work, or that it broke within a very short period of time, then the device is probably a fake.

How Do I Know IGET Vape Have Nicotine?

If you want to quit smoking, smoking is a great way to do so. So how do we know if IGET Vape contains nicotine? Here are a few ways to help you tell.

1. Check the outer box of the product, whether it says contains nicotine

2. Check the description of the product, whether it says it contains nicotine

3. Ask the customer service of the store where you buy

4. Go to your local e-cigarette store and ask

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