What are the pros and cons of using IGET King Vape?

The IGET King Vape is a highly popular disposable vape that boasts a large e-liquid capacity, long battery life, and a variety of delicious flavors. However, like any product, there are pros and cons to using the IGET King Vape. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this popular disposable vape.


Large E-Liquid Capacity: The IGET King Vape is known for its massive 8.5ml e-liquid capacity, which is significantly larger than most other disposable vapes on the market. This means that the device will last much longer before needing to be replaced, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

Long Battery Life: With over 2600+ puffs per device, the IGET King Vape is engineered to last a long time. This means that you can enjoy your favorite flavor for a longer duration without having to replace the device.

Convenient and Hassle-Free: One of the biggest advantages of the IGET King Vape is its convenience. As a disposable vape, it eliminates the need for refilling e-liquid or replacing coils. The IGET King Vape is incredibly easy to use and requires no setup or maintenance. Simply open the package, start vaping, and dispose of it once it’s empty. This makes it an ideal option for vapers who are always on the go or prefer a hassle-free vaping experience.

Wide Range of Flavor Options: The IGET King Vape offers a wide selection of fruity and authentic flavors to choose from, including strawberry, blueberry, grape, and more. This means that there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether you prefer sweet or sour flavors.

Transparent Atomizer Tank: The IGET King Vape is designed with a transparent atomizer tank that allows you to see how much e-liquid is left inside. This is an added convenience, as it lets you know when it’s time to replace the device.

Ergonomic Design: The slim and ergonomic design of the IGET King Vape enhances the overall vaping experience. The metal body and ergonomic mouthpiece provide a comfortable grip, making it easy to hold and use. The device is also made of premium aluminum, ensuring durability and maintaining high flavor standards.


No Ability to Refill or Recharge: Unlike traditional vapes, the IGET King Vape cannot be recharged or refilled. Once the battery runs out or the e-liquid is depleted, the device must be replaced.

Not Environmentally Friendly: Because the device is not rechargeable or refillable, it can create a lot of waste. This can be harmful to the environment, and some consumers may be hesitant to use a disposable product for this reason.

Some Users Don’t Like the Mouthpiece: The IGET King Vape features a unique ergonomic mouthpiece that may not be comfortable for everyone. Some users may prefer a different type of mouthpiece or design.

Limited Customization Options: Because the IGET King Vape is a disposable product, there is no ability to customize the device. Some consumers may prefer to have more control over the appearance and functionality of their vape.

Not Suitable for Heavy Smokers: The IGET King Vape is designed for casual smokers and is not suitable for heavy smokers. Because the device has a limited battery life and e-liquid capacity, heavy smokers may need to replace the device too frequently.

Overall, the IGET King Vape is a convenient and reliable choice for light to moderate smokers who want a hassle-free and flavourful vaping experience. While it does have some drawbacks, its long battery life, wide range of flavor options, and easy-to-use design make it a top contender in the world of disposable vapes.

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